Teaching and Technology

I have written in the past on my other blog about the way that technology distances us from reality, and therefore from ourselves. My interest in this has been rekindled of late, in particular how technology has influenced and is continuing to influence us, shaping even the way we read and think.

It seems to me that all the indications are pointing towards the notion that the internet is tending to deprive us of depth of thought, as well as increasing loneliness, both of which have a range of other consequences. I plan to delve into this topic in more depth, particuarly to flesh out these ideas a bit in terms of how they are impacting the classrooms, students, and teachers, and the role technology ought to play in the classroom.

Hopefully it will be the beginning of a compelling and stimulating conversation!


One thought on “Teaching and Technology

  1. […] Furthermore, it is interesting to note that it was largely without the use of technology. The only use of ICT in the classroom was period 4, in which I observed a History lesson on maps. A projector was used to show the various maps being analysed by students, followed by a video. Students also each had their own surfaces, a privilege given only to Year 10 in this school. (Theyare the highest grade.) I will certainly comment on this more another time, since technology is one of my particular interests. […]

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